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We are looking for eager organizations who are interested in sponsoring our equestrian team member in the 2010 Michigan Eventing Circuit.  We have different level of sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming season. We donate a portion of our sponsorship proceeds to CANTER of Michigan.  All sponsors receive the following

Benefits for ALL Sponsors

•  Recognition by being listed on our website sponsor page
•  Being listed as a sponsor on our newsletters
•  Receive a link to your site on our sponsors page
•  Get updated information on event placing
•  Receive special discounts on products and services

Being a Dynamic Solutions Sponsor can be a very rewarding prospect for your company, not only will you be supporting a great cause, but you will be part of a large community where thousands of customers will be exposed to your brand.

We keep our sponsorship program very simple and straightforward with three (3) levels of sponsorship, inwhich each progressive level includes the benefits of the prior level.

Silver Level
Benefits include:

• Listing on our website
Displayed in our Newsletter
Updated Event news
Special Discounts on products and services

Gold Level
Benefits include:

• Logo or text ad on our site
• Brand displayed at event (on equipment, must be provided)
• Press release with sponsors logo listed
• Brand Loyalty opportunity

Platinum Level
Benefits include:

• Customized event report
• Logo displayed on rider during events
• Brand apparel used for photos
• Media Kits (to use at your discretion)
• Use of brand recognition apparel & equipment
• Deeper discounts on products and services

To see a detailed list of our sponsorship levels and opportunities, or if you would like to become a sponsor get our sponsorship information form by clicking here.
If you have any questions about our sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.